We develop holistic room designs for your office or entire office spaces. We believe that creativity and productivity require spaces where work can be concentrated and inspired. Integrating art into workplace design enhances the potential of your employees. Artistic interior design in the office is particularly easy to realise with the versatile materials we work with.

Bandenmuster, Tape Art, Berlin, 2017
Big City Life, Tape Art, Berlin, 2016
SchwarmIntelligenz, Tape Art, Munich, 2020
Swarm Intelligence, Tape Art

Our cross-room, holistic design concepts and large-scale artworks create an inspiring ecosystem. The creative connection of different spaces supports the individual as well as the team during the creative process. Over the years, we as tape artists have developed a distinctive style, both abstract geometric and figurative. We like to try things out, research new combinations of materials and techniques and thus constantly develop ourselves further.

Medusa, Tape Art, Munich, 2020

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