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Coworking Spaces

Bringing people together

We develop artistic design concepts for your coworking spaces. We experience the potential of collaborative, interdisciplinary and creative processes every day. We promote this through our individual space concepts and our artistic designs. Our artworks tell stories. Stories that captivate and inspire you. Stories through which you rediscover the artwork and yourself again and again. With tape art and other techniques, we transform and individualise flexible and open work spaces.

Art Deco, canvas print, Berlin, 2018
Big City Life, Tape Art, Berlin, 2016_Klebebande Berlin
Big City Life, Tape Art, Berlin, 2016
Medusa, Tape Art, Munich, 2020, Klebebande Berlin
Medusa, Tape Art

Our design concepts in the area of open-plan offices and open spaces range from the visualisation of specific themes and narratives to artistically free works. We develop and create an individual coworking space design for you that adapts to different people, spaces and needs. Coworking brings together a wide variety of people who want to feel comfortable and settle in quickly in order to work well together. We help with this with our art.

Art Deco, Spray Paint & Tape Art, Berlin, 2018

Do you need our advice?

We have gained a lot of experience in our conceptual work and designing on site. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your initial ideas or plans.

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