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Connecting people

We use tape art and other techniques to design conference rooms that encourage ideas instead of boring them. In a conference room, people come together for intensive discussions. Meetings can be long and also boring, concentration wanes. Our art helps to make creative work more intuitive and to create emotional connections. In this way, we create an inspiring environment for your meetings with our works.

SchwarmIntelligenz, foil print, Munich, 2020
Art Deco, Spraypaint, Tape Art, Berlin, 2018
Art Deco, Spray Paint, Tape Art, Berlin, 2018
Gasometer, Tape Art, Berlin, 2016, Klebebande Berlin
Gasometer, Tape Art, 2016

Our cross-room concepts connect conference rooms with their special requirements and the adjoining corridors. Screening elements in an artistic design create an environment with privacy even in an open space.

Art Deco, foil print on glass, Berlin, 2018

Do you need our advice?

We have gained a lot of experience in our conceptual work and designing on site. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your initial ideas or plans.

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